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Fees & Insurance


We are not in the practice of charging for an hour and only giving you 45-50 minutes.  We charge for an hour and give you the full hour.  


Director, Clinical Supervisor and Registered Psychotherapist Janine Ruddy - $175/hr

Registered Nurse Psychotherapist Natalia D'Abramo $160/hr

Registered Psychotherapist Rebecca Petheram $150/hr

Registered Nurse Psychotherapist Joel Martini $150/hr

Sliding Scale

We provide sliding scale fee for those who qualify. Please contact us to discuss your situation. 

Paying for Sessions

We offer convenient payment options for your ease. You can choose to pay via credit card or e-transfers. Please note that credit card payments will incur a 2.4% processing fee. Additionally, we require credit card information to be kept on file.

Insurance Plans

While we do not file insurance claims directly, we are happy to provide you with a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. If you are unsure about your coverage, here are some helpful questions that you can ask you insurance provider before starting therapy.

  1. Does my insurance plan cover mental health services? 

  2. What types of mental health professionals are covered under my plan? Inquire about the specific designations that are eligible for coverage, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, or psychotherapists.

  3. What is the extent of my coverage? Ask about the maximum amount your insurance plan will reimburse for mental health services. This information will help you understand the financial aspect of your coverage.

  4. Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of sessions or the duration of treatment? Some insurance plans may have limits on the number of therapy sessions covered or a maximum period during which treatment is reimbursed. 

  5. Are pre-authorization or referrals required? Inquire whether your insurance plan requires pre-authorization or referrals from a primary care physician before seeking mental health services.

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